This week, in Salt Lake City, lawmakers approved a bill that would allow Utah authorities (i.e., firefighters or law enforcement) to disable and down drones if they are being flown too close to wildfires. Governor Gary Herbert said, “This summer, wildfires in the state have become significantly worse due to drones interrupting air operations. It is dangerous and completely unacceptable, and this legislation takes steps to ensure that our emergency management personnel are safe and empowered to do their jobs effectively.” While this bill would allow the authorities to shoot down a drone if it was interfering with containment of a wildfire, because the drones are flying so high it would be difficult to do; however, the use of jamming signals to crash the drones is more likely. Authorities would be able to use the jamming technology to disable a particular drone without affecting other aircraft or technology. A violation of this new law could result in a maximum punishment of 15 years in prison and $15,000 fine if the drone causes a firefighting aircraft to crash.