A recent Gartner report has identified what it believes to be the Top 10 Cyber Security Technologies for the future to assist businesses with combating cybercrime. They are:

  1. Cloud access security brokers—assist in management and control of the use of cloud services across multiple cloud providers.
  2. Endpoint detection and response–assists to continuously search data to identify and react to potential intrusions and attacks.
  3. Non-signature approaches for endpoint detection—which include memory protection and exploit prevention and mathematical models that identify and block malware.
  4. User and entity behavioral analytics—enables broad-scope security analysis across various entities that results in higher accuracy of data security and more effective threat detection.
  5. Microsegmentation and flow visibility—provides visibility and monitoring of communication flows of the traffic in enterprise networks to allow administrators to better understand flow patterns.
  6. security testing for DevOps—provides automatic security scanning for vulnerabilities during the development stage prior to a system being released into production.
  7. Intelligence-driven SOC orchestration solution—is used to inform security operations, and includes automation and orchestration of SOC processes.
  8. Remote browser—isolates the browsing function from the rest of the network to keep malware off the system.
  9. Deception—create fake vulnerabilities and systems to throw off an attacker and deviate the attacker from the real data.
  10. Pervasive trust services—use distributed trust and block chain-like architecture to manage distributed trust and data integrity on a large scale.

If you don’t understand any of these 10 technologies and how they can help your business, consider sending this to your IT folks to ensure they know about them, are investigating them for your business and are looking to implement them to protect your system.