Huh? What is a dashcam app?

A dashcam app uses a smartphones on the dashboard of a car to record traffic accidents, cars running red lights and bad drivers causing accidents. Dashcams can detect hard braking and can automatically record a collision through the use of voice activation. It is also being used to combat insurance fraud. Some insurance companies give discounts for the use of a dashcam so you can prove what a good driver you are.

But what if you aren’t such a good driver? A new app, Nexar dashcam smartphone app, is coming out this year which will provide “real-time warnings,” which will alert drivers using the app to steer clear of bad drivers. The dashcam app records all of the other cars and license plates around you and analyzes and stores the information in basically a bad drivers database. It will also analyze potholes and dangerous intersections and alert the driver using the app of bad drivers, pot holes and dangerous intersections in real time.

The app uses the camera on your phone and records cars speeding past on the right (or left), illegal turns or dangerous maneuvers and stores it for future reference. When that car travels near you on the road in the future, it will alert you so you can steer clear. Others are using dashcam apps that have the ability to register your license plate to associate it with bad driving habits.

Automobile manufacturers’ interest has been piqued and it is reported that they are considering automatically incorporating the technology into cars. Looks like your driving habits will no longer be secret—good or bad. Just know that when you cut someone off, instead of a gesture, you may be captured on video.