Using our fingerprints to unlock our smartphones is pretty commonplace at this point. Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards (FPC), a business specializing in biometrics, says that fingerprint identification will become the fastest-growing market by 2018. After Apple introduced its iPhone fingerprint sensors, FPC’s market value increased to around $4.1 billion (a surge of about 1,600 percent for FPC).

But FPC is thinking much bigger than just iPhones; FPC says that biometric fingerprinting can be used for allowing access to buildings and IT systems as well as for keyless entry to your car. FPC predicts that the biometrics business could expand to roughly 100 million sensors in 2017 and around 500 million by 2018.

Many biometrics supporters argue that this fingerprint technology offers better security and simplicity when compared to using pin codes for identification. Watch for biometric fingerprinting to continue trending upwards.