Drones are no longer permitted at 19 of the Connecticut Audubon Society’s (CAS) sanctuaries because of the annoyance to visitors and harassment of wildlife. This is one of the first in the country, and certainly the first in Connecticut, to establish a ‘no-drone’ policy. To date, there has only been a couple drone-related incidents in a CAS sanctuary, but the organization is saying they are instituting the ban proactively due to the increase of drones hitting our skies since the holidays. CAS President, Alexander Brash, said, “No creature –great or small, human or wildlife –visits our sanctuaries hoping to be buzzed by a drone. We are taking this action to protect the birds and animals that consider our sanctuaries home, and to ensure that our sanctuaries are also a place of respite for our human guests too.” We may see other organizations like the CAS follow suit.