In December, Hyatt Corporation announced that it had identified malware on computers that operate its payment processing systems. Late last week, Hyatt disclosed that upon investigating the malware it discovered “signs of unauthorized access” to customers’ payment card data from 250 Hyatt locations in approximately 50 countries, representing approximately 40 percent of Hyatt’s hotels. A list of the affected locations and at-risk dates, which range from August 13, 2015, to December 8, 2015, is available here. The malware, which was aimed at gathering customers’ names, card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes, primarily compromised cards used at Hyatt restaurants, with some other at-risk cards being used at front desks, spas, golf shops and other locations. Hilton Hotels and Starwood Hotels have also experienced payment card breaches. Hyatt is offering affected customers a free, one-year subscription to CSID’s Protector identity/fraud protection service.