Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced last week that his office has settled its investigation of Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber), over allegations that Uber executives could access an aerial view of riders’ locations dubbed “God View.” Readers may recall that Uber was in the news when a reporter found out that executives were allegedly targeting his whereabouts, and there is speculation that this spurred the investigation.

Uber agreed in the settlement to adopt data security protection practices, and to encrypt all riders’ GPS information. Further, Uber will adopt authentication protections before an employee can access riders’ sensitive personal information.

Uber will also pay the AG $20,000 for failure to provide timely notice to drivers and the AG following a September, 2014 data breach that exposed Uber employees’ personal information.

In his press release, the AG stated: “This settlement protects the personal information of Uber riders from potential abuse by company executives and staff, including the real-time locations of riders in an Uber vehicle.”