Security experts are warning that a new version of the notorious and nasty ransomware Cryptowall, dubbed Cryptowall 4.0, has hit the scene. The difference with the new version is that it is able to encrypt specific file names, on top of data.

What this means is that it can infiltrate your network, encrypt specific files and make them unintelligible to the user. So if you have a file entitled “travel,” it will be encrypted and masked so you can’t locate it. Very frustrating.

The message from the Cryptowall developers is that they are making “the Internet a better and safer place,” but they are running all the way to the Bitcoin bank.

Cryptowall 4.0 is still sent to users primarily through a zipfile with an attachment that looks like a resume. So warn all of your employees to beware of zipfiles and contact IT if they are suspicious. Security experts are recommending to continually back up data to be able to retrieve data in the event of an intrusion.