We have all read a website’s terms of use (hopefully), and almost all of the terms say something to effect of “these terms may change without prior notice, so we recommend that you review them regularly.” Well now, an organization has released a new tracker  called “Tracker of Terms and Conditions” that runs comparisons every 12 hours of over 5,600 services and 6,700 sets of terms, to track the changes, list the changes (and date of the changes), and supply a color-coded list of the changes based on the significance of the change. In addition to access to this list, consumers can also subscribe to Tracker of Terms and Conditions’ website and receive notice when specific companies revise their terms. New services like this suggest that perhaps consumers are starting to care a bit more about what companies say in their terms of use. The lesson: be transparent, be concise, and inform your users when a material change is made.