tyntec, a telecom-web convergence company, recently released its BYOD Survey 2015: Employees’ Choice for Mobility white paper. The paper is the culmination of an online survey of 1,320 respondents from May 16 – May 22, 2015. The responses were from the U.S., U.K., and Spain.

The survey is interesting, and reveals what we are seeing in the industry—that there is “sluggish adoption of BYOD policies while employees voice strong privacy concerns and preference on device usage.”

While more and more employees are using their personal devices for business purposes for convenience, employers are getting into issues when the boundaries for using those personal devices are not clear for employees. That’s where an enterprise-wide BYOD policy is useful and might want to be considered.

“BYOD is the new norm, and the sooner enterprises embrace sound BYOD policies and user friendly features, the sooner they can increase productivity and eliminate concerns from its employees and IT,” said Thorsten Trapp, Co-founder and CTO of tyntec. We agree.